Muchacho Dually wins 6 Reined Cow Horse titles in 2016 at age 18! | Kent Blough Performance Horses

Son of Dual Pep one of NCHA’s top ten cutting sires of all time, out of a money earning daughter of Freckles Playboy, Muchacho Dually has earned money in 7 different events. This year at age 18, he won 6 titles in Reined Cow Horse: NRCHA Northwest Region Limited Open Bridle Champion, IRCHA Limited Open Bridle Champion, URCHA Limited Open Bridle Champion,  MRCHA Limited Open Bridle Champion, MVRCHA Limited open Bridle Reserve Champion and CMRCHA Limited Open Bridle Reserve Champion, competing against horses half his age.

Here is his story -A horse with the heart to overcome all odds!

Muchacho Dually 2016 Utah Reined Cow Horse Futurity

Born at the Bar H Ranch in Weatherford, Texas in 1998, Muchacho Dually has competed in almost every type of event, starting his career as a cutter, he showed amazing ability like his famous sire. He took prize money home at his first show, but his earnings were assigned to another horse through a clerical error, a mistake which was never corrected. He spent 7 years as a pro level calf and heel horse with earnings well in excess of $100,000. His life then took a downhill turn, and in 2008, we purchased him to remove him from a situation where he had been confined in a stall without turn out or adequate feed for over a year. It took another year to return him to health. With very limited training he went to the 2009 World’s Greatest Ranch Horse and took 5th in the working Cow Horse and 11th in the All Around. He then spent the next 6 years as a breeding stallion, rodeo queen horse and being intermittently brought out for local Reined Cow Horse competitions and clinics. He is one of the smartest horses we have ever owned, earning money in 7 completely different events and even retaining his cutting ability from his 2 year old year. We have 5 foal crops from him, that are now going on to their own performance careers, but we always felt that this talented horse had missed his opportunity to show what he can do. Though we knew his chances were slim due to his age, we thought we should give him one last opportunity to compete, so we placed him with Tad Arbon from Shelley, Idaho. Tad brought Muchacho Dually back to performance level in the few months prior to the 2016 Show season. Together they won a total of five titles in 2016, most importantly winning an NRCHA regional championship title for Muchacho Dually. At age 18 he competed all year long against horses half his age, giving all he had every time. This amazing horse is a testament to what good bone, athletics and disposition do for performance longevity. We are so proud and happy to see him win this year. He deserves it. We are also very thankful to Tad for doing such an outstanding job of training and competing on him. Muchacho Dually and Tad have qualified for the 2017 World Show in Fort Worth, Texas which will be their last show together before Muchacho Dually returns to a full time breeding stallion and retired champion.